Why kids don’t like a haircut?

Are you looking for the answer why kids don’t like a haircut?

Do you want to know how can you cut your toddlers hair safe and easily without any trouble at home?

How to cut your little baby boys hair  Safe  Easy way at home for the 1st time.

Toddlers especially little baby boys don’t like to have a haircut and barbers over the world. This may be because of the ticklish sensation in their neck during the haircut from timer and scissors. toddlers also hate sitting still according the barbers wish on a char for long. and when parents take their kids for a chair cut often ends up in a chaotic situation where the kid will cry and scream and resist the barber. little baby starts crying and sometimes kids start crying relentless and parents have to give up.

For reason like this, its much better if parents give their toddlers hair haircut at home. Kids feel at home makes them lot less anxious.  you can spend a lot of time and there is no pressure on both toddler and parents.

Ther may be more known and unknown child psychological fact behind why toddlers kids don’t like a haircut?

If you are a new parent you will often find yourself in the middle of a tiring situation. When it comes to cut your kid’s hair. Going to the saloon entails quite an effort from using up money, time and also energy. So, to save time, money and energy you can simply resort to trim your toddlers’ haircut at home. Here are some ways how you can do it smoothly without taking the hassle of going to a saloon.

1. Watch the YouTube Video for a Quick Headstart.

YouTube is a platform where you can find hair cutting tutorials. Just go through the videos and follow the mentioned steps and you can conquer it!!


You must prepare yourself and the area the necessary tools before you even touch their hair. So that your toddlers’ first haircut at home doesn’t end up in any bad hair day.

1. hair cutting cloak umbrella cape

2. Clipper Trimmer

3.  CALMING Clipper / Scissor :

4. A comb

like by Hengsong, calming clipper and hair clipper trimmer.

HENGSONG Hair Cutting Cloak Umbrella Cape:  It is basically a barber

apron  used during hairstyling made of nylon cloth with round collars. It is pretty easy to use clean and store. This cloak is 60cm in size/ 23.62” . It is foldable. So it means you can keep it anywhere you want just by folding it. It is wrapped around the neck to provide a surface for the hair clippings that fall down to your neck, shoulder, clothes and even on the floor to be accumulated. It is ordinarily seen that when you cut your hair the small cut hair in contact with skin causes irritation to the skin accompanied by severe itching. And in case of kids, it becomes quite intolerable for them. So hair cutting cloak umbrella cape, to me, is a wise material for preventing such displeasure. And on top of that, one necessarily do not have to think about cleaning or vacuuming the mess since the broken hair won’t fall off to the floor while you do your toddlers  Kids Children haircut at home  * A sigh of relief for all the mothers out there. *

Hair Clipper Trimmer for Baby /Kids/ Children:

Trim your kid’s hair easily with a hair trimmer. This hair trimmer has

removable blades. After your work is done you can simply separate the blades just in case to avoid any unwanted incident (since blades are not recommended being safe for kids). The blade is washable and has safe serrations which will prevent your kid from getting any pecks while trimming. It is made in such a way that it doesn’t vibrate much or make strong noises that can disturb or frighten your kid. Along with that, it comes with a cordless rechargeable system. So before using it all you have to do is charge by USB interface. However, since it has ABS eco friendly material in its body and endowed with a high power motor, it has fewer chances of getting stuck while working.

CALMING Clipper / Sissor :

Calming clippers are basically alternative to the electric clipper. Sometimes a bit of noise and vibration might prompt your kid not to get their haircut done.

That’s when calming clipper will come to the rescue. It is a silent tool and does not vibrate, so your kid won’t even have the idea what is happening. Also, cutting hair with a calming clipper is quite relaxing. It is quite helpful for those with sensory sensitivity.


Kids usually do not like the idea of sitting in a chair and make no fuss. This can be a problem for you since they move too much. So you need to keep your kids busy with something they like. For example, you can just play their favorite rhyme, cartoon or programs on YouTube or television so that they remain preoccupied. You can also give them chocolates or ice-cream or other snacks they like.


We have been well acquainted with the saying that ‘slow and steady wins the race’. Well this is a bit applicable here. You need to do it very carefully making sure the length of the hair is fine and also your kid doesn’t get hurt when you try to give your toddler haircut at home. We always mess things up when we are in a rush. Hence you need to be a little patient to prevent yourself from having a bad haircut experience at home.

All in all, banish the thought of making a trip to the hairdresser by giving your kid a haircut on your own in a safe and sound way just using these simple steps mentioned above.

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