Best Toothpaste Slime for kids

Anyone can make toothpaste Slime easily for their toddlers them and keep them happy. But they must be safe for kids.

Toddlers are happier playing sticky slime, dough, glop, putty rather than flying a 4k drone.They also love to try 100 of type slime. and nowadays its very to easy for parents to make slime for their toddlers by watching youtube. Parents often forget that all type of slime are not safe for toddlers to play.   We are going to show the 3 best and safe way to make Toothpaste Slime.

if you are making slime for your toddler’s, most important question to ask is if the ingredient safe.  Do not start making slime after watching and youtube video with borax, glue or shampoo. parents should not let their kids play with hazardous chemicals which will cause damage to their skin.   we strongly discourage parents to make slime recipe with borax for kids. Borax can cause skin damage. Kids some time put slime in their month or gets transfers to their mouth when putting hands in their mouth.  You can check about it just one google search.

kids suffer from borax slime
Kids hands suffering from slime related problem

Don’t even think about how to make slime with glue for your toddlers. Gule is another item should not expose to kids. so ok enough with the don’t for now, let’s see what can we do for our toddlers.

kids want various consistency in their putty play dough slime etc. otherwise they get bored playing with them very quickly. You would normally buy them from shops don’t last long. So if you can learn the tricks of making this slime with toothpaste, as a parent your life will be definitely much easier.

making slime with toothpaste is very easy which is common in every household.

At we are very much like toddlers who never get tired of testing. We have tried our best to make slightly more interesting slime with the common household.  Ingredients like toothpaste and non-hazardous material for children’s.
Parents can make this with their toddlers as our methods don’t need borax, detergent, glue, contact solution which will not suitable for kids.

we have literally handpicked these 3 best toothpaste slime for our toddlers.

Which are made from organic toothpaste


  1. Slime with toothpaste and Salt.

2. Slime with toothpaste and baby shampoo.










Best organic Toothpaste for Kids

There are numerous kinds of toothpaste for kids in the market.

kids smile

Yet parents struggle to find the best organic, triclosan- free toothpaste for their kids. We must choose organic natural toothpaste. Which does not have any harmful side effect for our kids. Please read the full article to get a clear idea of why you should prefer organic toothpaste for kids rather than non-organic ones.  which contain triclosan and other harmful chemicals.

Because toothpaste containing triclosan are full in your chemist or super makes shop aisle. You probably have some in your household too. which should not be there because of its harmful deadly effects.

Why is organic toothpaste better than toothpaste with triclosan?

if you never hard of Triclosan you will be surprised to know that you probably putting them in your mouth every morning. For understanding this issue well, at first we need to look at the harmful impacts of triclosan on our kids, and at the same time, the positive sides of natural toothpaste should also be brainstormed.

Lethal impacts of Triclosan

Kids not smiling when they got toothache

Triclosan is basically an anti-bacterial substance. Triclosan is very popular in the garden industries for killing the harmful bacterial pests and insects. Pathetically, a study of the FDA demonstrates that if this harmful chemical is applied to a human body, it affects the immune systems and endocrine severely, which is obviously not pleasing.

This severe attack can even gradually lead a life threating disease for our children and adult to an untimely death.

Toddlers and young kids should not be given any type of Anti-bacterial medication without Dr supervision. if our kid use toothpaste with harmful chemical, anti-bacterial, colouring every day and night that will be dangerous for their health.

Benefits of non-triclosan organic toothpaste.

Organic Toothpaste for Kids

Positive sides of organic natural toothpaste are many. We have tried to discuss as many as possible.

Free from artificiality: Organic toothpaste doesn’t contain any synthetic taste or colour. So when children use this one, it cleans their teeth mildly even removing the harmful bacteria. They don’t leave any injurious substance with their saliva.

  • Contains Silica and baking soda: Silica is almost a familiar mineral substance to us is contained in organic toothpaste, which whitens the kids’ teeth more without causing any harm. Then, Organic toothpaste also contains baking soda, which is another natural substance, is well-known as a nice teeth surface polisher of teeth.


  • Swallow able: It is often found that children mistakenly or willingly swallow the foam of toothpaste that may cause harm to their health. But if your kids use Ornaic toothpaste, then don’t worry as the foam of natural toothpaste doesn’t contain any laurel sulfate, and in most cases, it is found to be free from fluoride.


  • Contains vitamin: Sometimes you will find several orgnaic toothpaste containing vitamins such as vitamin C and calcium that are much beneficial for your children’s health.


  • Offers fresh breathing:

Organic toothpaste produced by natural ingredients like spearmint, essential oil. This raw material is very congenial to producing a fresh breath for your child. It is important for parents to keep their kids fresh breath and confident all day long.


  • Acts like an alternative to medicine:   

If your children are suffering from inflamed gum. Then you must choose Organic toothpaste for kids.  even more organic Toothpaste will works like a natural automatic medicine for such kind of health issue.

 5 best  brands of natural toothpaste for kids:

Our Thorough Review found  the following brand of toothpaste are best your your toddlers. we can assure you that these are even good for Adult people who have sensetive teeth and gum.

Tom’s of Maine children’s toothpaste:


 Zendium for Kids Toothpaste 50ml – natural protection for milk teeth:

Green People Organic Children

DR BRONNERS Organic All One Toothpast

Natural Dentist Fluoride Free Peppermint Sage Toothpaste

Toddlers should brush their teeth with organic toothpaste before bed. Smart parents should also give their kids Organic Pillow. If you don’t know why Please read our Next Post 



Why kids don’t like a haircut?

Are you looking for the answer why kids don’t like a haircut?

Do you want to know how can you cut your toddlers hair safe and easily without any trouble at home?

How to cut your little baby boys hair  Safe  Easy way at home for the 1st time.

Toddlers especially little baby boys don’t like to have a haircut and barbers over the world. This may be because of the ticklish sensation in their neck during the haircut from timer and scissors. toddlers also hate sitting still according the barbers wish on a char for long. and when parents take their kids for a chair cut often ends up in a chaotic situation where the kid will cry and scream and resist the barber. little baby starts crying and sometimes kids start crying relentless and parents have to give up.

For reason like this, its much better if parents give their toddlers hair haircut at home. Kids feel at home makes them lot less anxious.  you can spend a lot of time and there is no pressure on both toddler and parents.

Ther may be more known and unknown child psychological fact behind why toddlers kids don’t like a haircut?

If you are a new parent you will often find yourself in the middle of a tiring situation. When it comes to cut your kid’s hair. Going to the saloon entails quite an effort from using up money, time and also energy. So, to save time, money and energy you can simply resort to trim your toddlers’ haircut at home. Here are some ways how you can do it smoothly without taking the hassle of going to a saloon.

1. Watch the YouTube Video for a Quick Headstart.

YouTube is a platform where you can find hair cutting tutorials. Just go through the videos and follow the mentioned steps and you can conquer it!!


You must prepare yourself and the area the necessary tools before you even touch their hair. So that your toddlers’ first haircut at home doesn’t end up in any bad hair day.

1. hair cutting cloak umbrella cape

2. Clipper Trimmer

3.  CALMING Clipper / Scissor :

4. A comb

like by Hengsong, calming clipper and hair clipper trimmer.

HENGSONG Hair Cutting Cloak Umbrella Cape:  It is basically a barber

apron  used during hairstyling made of nylon cloth with round collars. It is pretty easy to use clean and store. This cloak is 60cm in size/ 23.62” . It is foldable. So it means you can keep it anywhere you want just by folding it. It is wrapped around the neck to provide a surface for the hair clippings that fall down to your neck, shoulder, clothes and even on the floor to be accumulated. It is ordinarily seen that when you cut your hair the small cut hair in contact with skin causes irritation to the skin accompanied by severe itching. And in case of kids, it becomes quite intolerable for them. So hair cutting cloak umbrella cape, to me, is a wise material for preventing such displeasure. And on top of that, one necessarily do not have to think about cleaning or vacuuming the mess since the broken hair won’t fall off to the floor while you do your toddlers  Kids Children haircut at home  * A sigh of relief for all the mothers out there. *

Hair Clipper Trimmer for Baby /Kids/ Children:

Trim your kid’s hair easily with a hair trimmer. This hair trimmer has

removable blades. After your work is done you can simply separate the blades just in case to avoid any unwanted incident (since blades are not recommended being safe for kids). The blade is washable and has safe serrations which will prevent your kid from getting any pecks while trimming. It is made in such a way that it doesn’t vibrate much or make strong noises that can disturb or frighten your kid. Along with that, it comes with a cordless rechargeable system. So before using it all you have to do is charge by USB interface. However, since it has ABS eco friendly material in its body and endowed with a high power motor, it has fewer chances of getting stuck while working.

CALMING Clipper / Sissor :

Calming clippers are basically alternative to the electric clipper. Sometimes a bit of noise and vibration might prompt your kid not to get their haircut done.

That’s when calming clipper will come to the rescue. It is a silent tool and does not vibrate, so your kid won’t even have the idea what is happening. Also, cutting hair with a calming clipper is quite relaxing. It is quite helpful for those with sensory sensitivity.


Kids usually do not like the idea of sitting in a chair and make no fuss. This can be a problem for you since they move too much. So you need to keep your kids busy with something they like. For example, you can just play their favorite rhyme, cartoon or programs on YouTube or television so that they remain preoccupied. You can also give them chocolates or ice-cream or other snacks they like.


We have been well acquainted with the saying that ‘slow and steady wins the race’. Well this is a bit applicable here. You need to do it very carefully making sure the length of the hair is fine and also your kid doesn’t get hurt when you try to give your toddler haircut at home. We always mess things up when we are in a rush. Hence you need to be a little patient to prevent yourself from having a bad haircut experience at home.

All in all, banish the thought of making a trip to the hairdresser by giving your kid a haircut on your own in a safe and sound way just using these simple steps mentioned above.

You will find helpful tips and tricks in our other post like

5 Best Potty Training tips for Quick Results

 Potty Time should be a fun time for Toddlers and certainly, it will be if parents prepare them at the right time with the right accessories. Our aim is to find out  5 Best Potty Training tips for Quick Results

Potty training for toddlers is not very difficult. It takes a lot of time but if you take are little bit initiative it can be much easy. There is a lot of helpful toddlers gadgets available . Some of these latest innovative potties are truly welcoming for your toddler.  You may have to put with few days workout with your toddler few bits of a mess here and there but eventually, you will succeed.  The process depends on a child’s emotion, biology and most importantly the environment parents create for them as well as their patients.

Proper tools can provide the child with exact comfort to build interest in


learning. These kits help a child to set up the mind and cooperate willingly. Here we will talk about 4 potty training kits for your toddler.  having this handy will definitely improve

sesame street also have a nice video to teach your toddler on how to use potty. kids love sesame street games so they will influence a lot to try a potty after watching this video.



sesame street also has a nice video to teach your toddler how to use potty. Toddlers love sesame street games so they will influence a lot to try a potty after watching this video.

Let your kids spend time on Sesame Street with video clips and games featuring their favorite character like  Cookie Monster, Abby Cadabby. Once they see potty training in their favorite show will love to try it .

You can download some favorite Sesame Street games from  Googles App store here.

Apple user download from here.

1. My Potty Friend Training Seat with music Songs and Phrases to Encourage Potti time

Things that we loved about My Potty Friend is it has realistic toilet elements mixed with fun rewards to encourage

their personal activities

realistic  toilet roll holder
opens and closes the lid
Removable bowl for easy cleanup
Seat and lid can be removed to snap onto a regular toilet to help transition to the final stage ‘grown-up’ potty. The bottom part of it will be toddlers stool for toothbrush Training.


2.Toy car Potty Training System

This amazing vehicle shaped standalone potty toilet is an attractive product for your kid’s potty training. The detachable seat can be easily set up on the family toilet later. The lift-out pot makes it easier to empty and clean the bowl and the high pee shield stand there saves you from cleaning a mess. You can order this Amazon product 2-in-1 easy to clean potty system from home easily.


3.Foryee Cute Frog Potty Training Urinal for Boys

This amazing frog shaped potty toilet kit is perfect for the beginning of your kid’s potty training. It’s suitable for boys between ages 1–6. It allows your boy to pee from the start and the funny water wheel gets him busy in targeting it in order to make less mess. It’s easily adjustable and sticks firmly to your bathroom tiles surface or walls because of its super suction cups. This urinal kit for your kid’s potty training is easily collectible from Amazon at an affordable price and available in 3 vibrant colors Blackish Green, blue and Coffee.

4. Potty with Ladder

This potty training with a ladder is a very useful kit for your kid when s/he is using the toilet independently. The contoured seat attached to this training potty provides the highest comfort to your child. Its anti-skid base gives it additional safety. This useful training potty kit fits perfectly to most standard toilet seats and usable to the kid’s age 18 months or up and weights up to 50 lbs. This white and gray mixed one sized training potty kit is also available on Amazon and easy to order as well.


5. Pull-Ups Cool & Learn Potty Training Pants for Girls

Diaper pant with easy pull-ups and down is another helpful potty training tool for your little one. HUGGIES Pull-Ups is actually diaper pant similar to cotton training pant. These girls potty training diaper pants help the toddler to understand and practice the easy up and down concept just like cotton underwear. The Minnie mouse of Disney graphics of the pant can be an additional enjoyment for your child. Also, the easy open sides with refastening and adjustable advantage give you the advantage to quickly check and change if needed. You will find Pull-Ups in 3 different sizes according to.


Furthermore, like Grandpas habit of reading newspaper in the toilet toddlers also need some reading materials during their potty time. Likewise, there are few to chose from  like

No More Nappies: A Potty-Training Book”  


Toddlers first

Are you worried your toddlers not sleeping enough? Problems may be in the Pillow just  Get an Organic Pillow and see the difference. Here is why…  


Organic pillow for Toddlers

Toddlers will sleep in comfort and healthy all night with an organic pillow.

Organic pillow for a toddler made from authentic natural cotton, wool, kapok,  natural rubber which is healthy and comfortable.

Synthetic pillows are made of various chemical substances that are extremely hazardous and unhealthy to toddler sensitive skin. On the contrary, the Organic pillow made of natural materials are hygienic and harmonic for Toddlers.

when can babies use pillows?

A toddler can use organic pillow once they are 1 year and older. sometimes because of Hazardous synthetic material used in pillows which can cause irritation for toddlers. That’s why Dr.s recommended using pillows late as 1.5 years old. With organic Pillows, you don’t have to worry about those problems. Little Babys under the age of 1and 1/2 Years don’t need a Pillow and it is not safe to give any pillow up to 3 months after birth according to

Why must toddlers use organic?

It has a great impact on your toddler’s sleep. sound sleep is one the most crucial element for toddlers Perfect growth. Organic Pillow absorbs moisture from the body which prevents excessive sweating thas have been proved to deliver sound sleep for toddlers. Moms all over Britain are choosing organic pillows for their toddlers because It prevents various diseases that are very sensitive to the kid’s body such as allergy, eye irritation, neurological problems, headache, lower intelligence

Because they love Pillow. even a Pillow fight its wise to use an Organic Pillow so that you kids don’t in heal the tinny harmful chemical particle splash through the air from Non-organic Pillow.

The researchers have found out that the kids under 1-year-old should not use any kind of pillow. It will cause some problems including head damage. So the parents out there should be careful about it.

Now for you to find your perfect organic pillow for your kids we are recommending some of the best brands in this community.

Top Three Recommended brands organic pillow for toddlers by British moms social media footmark tweets and share on blogs etc.

1.Clevamama Foam Toddler Pillow:

The Clevamama Foam Toddler Pillow is for 1 to 2 years old kids. It is a perfect size for the kids as it is not too big and not too small. The size of this pillow is

Click Get this pillow

8×2.4×21.6 inches. The material used in this pillow is lightweight cleva foam with airflow cover which makes the pillow not too fluffy. So your kids won’t sink into the pillow. This natural element delivers a peaceful sleep to your children. Also it is Oeko-Tex 100 certified. The covers are removable and machine washable.

2. Dreamtown Kids Toddler Pillow:

The Dreamtown Kids Toddler Pillow is the perfect pillow for your kids aged 2 to 5. It will definitely take your kids to dream town when they sink into the pillow.

As most parents are price conscious, this pillow is affordable for all kind of parents. The natural element used in this pillow is a blend of cotton which makes the pillow hypoallergenic. So if you are worried about your Toddler ’s allergic skin, this organic pillow will sweep away all of your tension! Moreover, this pillow’s size is 12x4x16 inches which is easy to carry anywhere. This pillow is approved by chiropractors so your kids should get all the comfort breathing from this pillow. The pillowcase is machine washable.


3.The Little One’s Pillow:

The Little One’s Pillow is one of the best brands for the kids aged2 to 5. This pillow is perfectly affordable for all of the parents out there for their Toddler.

The size of this pillow is 13x3x18 inches which are extremely comfortable for your kids and easy to carry. The elements used in this pillow are polyester cluster fiber which is 100% chemical free and organic cotton shell which is eco-friendly. So the parents who are eco-conscious should have no concern regarding this matter. Now if you are worried about your kid’s sensitive skin, you can just sweep away your tension because this pillow is 100% hypoallergenic. This pillow is certified by USDA. It is washable by machine.



…So which one should you choose for your Toddler? You can choose any of these pillows as they are chemical free and organic materials made which helps your kids grow up perfectly and makes them eco-friendly.


Struggling to potty train your toddler. Not to worry, there is plenty of help here… 

Or check out how you can give your toddlers first haircut hair trim at  Next