Best Toothpaste Slime for kids

Anyone can make toothpaste Slime easily for their toddlers them and keep them happy. But they must be safe for kids.

Toddlers are happier playing sticky slime, dough, glop, putty rather than flying a 4k drone.They also love to try 100 of type slime. and nowadays its very to easy for parents to make slime for their toddlers by watching youtube. Parents often forget that all type of slime are not safe for toddlers to play.   We are going to show the 3 best and safe way to make Toothpaste Slime.

if you are making slime for your toddler’s, most important question to ask is if the ingredient safe.  Do not start making slime after watching and youtube video with borax, glue or shampoo. parents should not let their kids play with hazardous chemicals which will cause damage to their skin.   we strongly discourage parents to make slime recipe with borax for kids. Borax can cause skin damage. Kids some time put slime in their month or gets transfers to their mouth when putting hands in their mouth.  You can check about it just one google search.

kids suffer from borax slime
Kids hands suffering from slime related problem

Don’t even think about how to make slime with glue for your toddlers. Gule is another item should not expose to kids. so ok enough with the don’t for now, let’s see what can we do for our toddlers.

kids want various consistency in their putty play dough slime etc. otherwise they get bored playing with them very quickly. You would normally buy them from shops don’t last long. So if you can learn the tricks of making this slime with toothpaste, as a parent your life will be definitely much easier.

making slime with toothpaste is very easy which is common in every household.

At we are very much like toddlers who never get tired of testing. We have tried our best to make slightly more interesting slime with the common household.  Ingredients like toothpaste and non-hazardous material for children’s.
Parents can make this with their toddlers as our methods don’t need borax, detergent, glue, contact solution which will not suitable for kids.

we have literally handpicked these 3 best toothpaste slime for our toddlers.

Which are made from organic toothpaste


  1. Slime with toothpaste and Salt.

2. Slime with toothpaste and baby shampoo.