Best organic Toothpaste for Kids

There are numerous kinds of toothpaste for kids in the market.

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Yet parents struggle to find the best organic, triclosan- free toothpaste for their kids. We must choose organic natural toothpaste. Which does not have any harmful side effect for our kids. Please read the full article to get a clear idea of why you should prefer organic toothpaste for kids rather than non-organic ones.  which contain triclosan and other harmful chemicals.

Because toothpaste containing triclosan are full in your chemist or super makes shop aisle. You probably have some in your household too. which should not be there because of its harmful deadly effects.

Why is organic toothpaste better than toothpaste with triclosan?

if you never hard of Triclosan you will be surprised to know that you probably putting them in your mouth every morning. For understanding this issue well, at first we need to look at the harmful impacts of triclosan on our kids, and at the same time, the positive sides of natural toothpaste should also be brainstormed.

Lethal impacts of Triclosan

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Triclosan is basically an anti-bacterial substance. Triclosan is very popular in the garden industries for killing the harmful bacterial pests and insects. Pathetically, a study of the FDA demonstrates that if this harmful chemical is applied to a human body, it affects the immune systems and endocrine severely, which is obviously not pleasing.

This severe attack can even gradually lead a life threating disease for our children and adult to an untimely death.

Toddlers and young kids should not be given any type of Anti-bacterial medication without Dr supervision. if our kid use toothpaste with harmful chemical, anti-bacterial, colouring every day and night that will be dangerous for their health.

Benefits of non-triclosan organic toothpaste.

Organic Toothpaste for Kids

Positive sides of organic natural toothpaste are many. We have tried to discuss as many as possible.

Free from artificiality: Organic toothpaste doesn’t contain any synthetic taste or colour. So when children use this one, it cleans their teeth mildly even removing the harmful bacteria. They don’t leave any injurious substance with their saliva.

  • Contains Silica and baking soda: Silica is almost a familiar mineral substance to us is contained in organic toothpaste, which whitens the kids’ teeth more without causing any harm. Then, Organic toothpaste also contains baking soda, which is another natural substance, is well-known as a nice teeth surface polisher of teeth.


  • Swallow able: It is often found that children mistakenly or willingly swallow the foam of toothpaste that may cause harm to their health. But if your kids use Ornaic toothpaste, then don’t worry as the foam of natural toothpaste doesn’t contain any laurel sulfate, and in most cases, it is found to be free from fluoride.


  • Contains vitamin: Sometimes you will find several orgnaic toothpaste containing vitamins such as vitamin C and calcium that are much beneficial for your children’s health.


  • Offers fresh breathing:

Organic toothpaste produced by natural ingredients like spearmint, essential oil. This raw material is very congenial to producing a fresh breath for your child. It is important for parents to keep their kids fresh breath and confident all day long.


  • Acts like an alternative to medicine:   

If your children are suffering from inflamed gum. Then you must choose Organic toothpaste for kids.  even more organic Toothpaste will works like a natural automatic medicine for such kind of health issue.

 5 best  brands of natural toothpaste for kids:

Our Thorough Review found  the following brand of toothpaste are best your your toddlers. we can assure you that these are even good for Adult people who have sensetive teeth and gum.

Tom’s of Maine children’s toothpaste:


 Zendium for Kids Toothpaste 50ml – natural protection for milk teeth:

Green People Organic Children

DR BRONNERS Organic All One Toothpast

Natural Dentist Fluoride Free Peppermint Sage Toothpaste

Toddlers should brush their teeth with organic toothpaste before bed. Smart parents should also give their kids Organic Pillow. If you don’t know why Please read our Next Post