5 Best Potty Training tips for Quick Results

 Potty Time should be a fun time for Toddlers and certainly, it will be if parents prepare them at the right time with the right accessories. Our aim is to find out  5 Best Potty Training tips for Quick Results

Potty training for toddlers is not very difficult. It takes a lot of time but if you take are little bit initiative it can be much easy. There is a lot of helpful toddlers gadgets available . Some of these latest innovative potties are truly welcoming for your toddler.  You may have to put with few days workout with your toddler few bits of a mess here and there but eventually, you will succeed.  The process depends on a child’s emotion, biology and most importantly the environment parents create for them as well as their patients.

Proper tools can provide the child with exact comfort to build interest in


learning. These kits help a child to set up the mind and cooperate willingly. Here we will talk about 4 potty training kits for your toddler.  having this handy will definitely improve

sesame street also have a nice video to teach your toddler on how to use potty. kids love sesame street games so they will influence a lot to try a potty after watching this video.



sesame street also has a nice video to teach your toddler how to use potty. Toddlers love sesame street games so they will influence a lot to try a potty after watching this video.

Let your kids spend time on Sesame Street with video clips and games featuring their favorite character like  Cookie Monster, Abby Cadabby. Once they see potty training in their favorite show will love to try it .

You can download some favorite Sesame Street games from  Googles App store here.

Apple user download from here.

1. My Potty Friend Training Seat with music Songs and Phrases to Encourage Potti time

Things that we loved about My Potty Friend is it has realistic toilet elements mixed with fun rewards to encourage

their personal activities

realistic  toilet roll holder
opens and closes the lid
Removable bowl for easy cleanup
Seat and lid can be removed to snap onto a regular toilet to help transition to the final stage ‘grown-up’ potty. The bottom part of it will be toddlers stool for toothbrush Training.


2.Toy car Potty Training System

This amazing vehicle shaped standalone potty toilet is an attractive product for your kid’s potty training. The detachable seat can be easily set up on the family toilet later. The lift-out pot makes it easier to empty and clean the bowl and the high pee shield stand there saves you from cleaning a mess. You can order this Amazon product 2-in-1 easy to clean potty system from home easily.


3.Foryee Cute Frog Potty Training Urinal for Boys

This amazing frog shaped potty toilet kit is perfect for the beginning of your kid’s potty training. It’s suitable for boys between ages 1–6. It allows your boy to pee from the start and the funny water wheel gets him busy in targeting it in order to make less mess. It’s easily adjustable and sticks firmly to your bathroom tiles surface or walls because of its super suction cups. This urinal kit for your kid’s potty training is easily collectible from Amazon at an affordable price and available in 3 vibrant colors Blackish Green, blue and Coffee.

4. Potty with Ladder

This potty training with a ladder is a very useful kit for your kid when s/he is using the toilet independently. The contoured seat attached to this training potty provides the highest comfort to your child. Its anti-skid base gives it additional safety. This useful training potty kit fits perfectly to most standard toilet seats and usable to the kid’s age 18 months or up and weights up to 50 lbs. This white and gray mixed one sized training potty kit is also available on Amazon and easy to order as well.


5. Pull-Ups Cool & Learn Potty Training Pants for Girls

Diaper pant with easy pull-ups and down is another helpful potty training tool for your little one. HUGGIES Pull-Ups is actually diaper pant similar to cotton training pant. These girls potty training diaper pants help the toddler to understand and practice the easy up and down concept just like cotton underwear. The Minnie mouse of Disney graphics of the pant can be an additional enjoyment for your child. Also, the easy open sides with refastening and adjustable advantage give you the advantage to quickly check and change if needed. You will find Pull-Ups in 3 different sizes according to.


Furthermore, like Grandpas habit of reading newspaper in the toilet toddlers also need some reading materials during their potty time. Likewise, there are few to chose from  like

No More Nappies: A Potty-Training Book”  


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